Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Cool Stuff: Yep, It's More Bat-Stuff!

Good thing I know you guys don't get tired of Batman merchandise quickly!


As cheesy as this German Batman handpuppet looks... I want one!


A girl's Bat-Wallet here!


These self-adhesive patches were sold through gumball machines, according to the seller!


Here's a photo of the gameboard for Hasbro's Batman board game!


This next item is a flying inflatable Robin figure from Japan... and I hope the phrase "inflatable Robin" doesn't end up getting some unwanted attention from... shall we say... Google searches that are a bit outré?


Italian poster for the 1967 Batman movie!


Speaking of 1967, here's a Japanese Batman postcard from that year!


Joker pillowcases! Guaranteed to make sure you don't get a good night's sleep, I'm sure!


This Joker yo-yo is much newer than the stuff I usually present here, but the idea is so perfect I had to save the photo!


The infamous Adam West Life cover!


1966 Magic Slate! I hope none of you are going to comment that you don't know what one of those is!


  1. I remember buying that LIFE --or rather begging until my parents bought it--at Albers supermarket on a Thursday evening around 6 PM! I always loved the art on that Hasbro board game, too!

  2. That Puppet has to be Adam West era..

    I wonder what's up with that Italian poster.. the film was colour and i don't remember a Red Batman... mmm Did i just forget some part of that film?

  3. Booksteve: Glad I could bring back memories for you!

    Manic Man: I'm guessing they colored Batman on the poster the same way they were coloring him in the local comics -- I've noticed that the grey gets replaced a LOT in foreign Batman books!

  4. I loved those magic slates and I had a few when I was a lad. I don't remember which ones I had right now but I do remember tracing images from coloring books on them.

  5. They were great for long car trips, weren't they?


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