Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Famous Monsters #147, Part 6!

It's an all-vampire installment this time around!


This installment starts with two short articles on Barry Atwater, who passed away on May 24, 1978. His role as the vampire in "The Night Stalker" (the first pilot for the Kolchak: The Night Stalker tv series) gets most of the coverage here.


And the rest of this installment features an article on Vampire Jokes, with a challenge to the readers to come up with their own!


I can only imagine that Forry Ackerman and the staff of FM were sitting around the offices of FM one night, and they started coming up with these vampire jokes... and someone kept track of all of them!


Here's an example of the jokes... What do they call a swashbuckling bloodsucker? A vam-pirate.


Fortunately (if you're not into vampire jokes), there were plenty of vintage photos from genre movies scattered throughout this article!


And here's the end of that article... if you really want to read these for yourself, you should be able to click the scans above for larger viewing options (look for "All Sizes" above the picture when the Flickr page opens).

Next time around: Some ads, and Arnold Gillespie!


  1. A vampire walks into a bar, he goes up to the barman and says:
    "Hi, Can i order a bloody Mary?"
    The Barman gives him a drink. The Vampire tries it and then spits it back.
    "Hey! There's Tomato in this!"
    The Barman says "Of course, that's what makes it Bloody"
    The Vampire grabs the barman and says: "Look, do i look like a Vegetarian? Give me a REAL Bloody Mary"
    The Barman sighed, "Okay," he says, "But if the Duck in the Office asks, it's Tomato Juice"

    Kinda doesn't work does it? of course, you need to know about a certain Vampire Duck to get the joke but even then it's not very good... probably better then the ones in that mag huh? ^_^

  2. It all depends on your audience, doesn't it? I mean, I know about Count Duckula, but I didn't make the connection until your follow-up comment... I figured if you can buy a vampire in a bar, you can buy a duck in the office!


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