Saturday, May 09, 2009

By the 10's: Funny Stuff!

Funny Stuff was DC's premier funny animal book of the Golden and at least early Silver Ages... if you are a fan of Captain Carrot and his Amazing Zoo Crew, you may recognize some of these characters!


Here's issue 10, I believe those are the Three Mousketeers (or at least one of the groups calling themselves that, anyway).


Issue 20's cover features the Dodo and the Frog -- the Frog did make an appearance in the first series of Captain Carrot!


And from issue 30's cover, it appears the D&F were considered the stars of the book at this point!


Here's issue looks to me like the characters have been evolving!


I don't know who the cover usurpers on issue 50's cover are!


Issue 60's cover demonstrates the cartoon maxim that any air blown or pumped into something resembling a balloon will transform into hydrogen or helium!


And with issue 70's cover, that wraps this up!

Next by the 10's, we dip back into the Marvel well again!


  1. Both Dodo and the Frog appeared in Captain Carrot -- Dodo was now the captain of the Lust Boat, while Frog, of course, transformed into Frogzilla.

    The Three Mousketeers (the version here) appeared in the time-travelling #9, along with the Terrific Whatzit.

    And thanks to CC&HAZC, I also know that the lion on #50's cover was J. Rufus Lion (who had a cameo in #1 and a small cover shot on #15).

    Man, did I love that comic.

  2. I've only read a handful of issues of CCAHZC, but I enjoyed them all, Chris -- thanks for identifying those characters!


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