Thursday, May 21, 2009

Cool Stuff: Battlestar Galactica and More!


I think it was Laramie who made this ID set... they made similar sets for Star Trek, Spider-Man and other licensed properties, none of which ever had anything like these ever presented on the screen or in the comics!


I'd forgotten that while one company published "Photo-Novels," someone else did some "Photostories", like this one for the Battlestar Galactica pilot!


I don't often see too many bilingual Galactica items, so this puzzle is kind of a surprise! Here's a couple more Galactica puzzles:




Anyone remember the TV show "The Girl With Something Extra"? I think I saw it once or twice, but didn't think it was around long enough to spawn a novel!

Time for some Give-A-Show stuff, just because! Hey, tomorrow's Give-A-Show Friday anyway...


This Bionic Woman set is my most recent acquisition to my collection!


I'm amazed that this particular set once was sold for as little as two bucks, even at garage sale prices! But maybe it's just me...


Here's the Six Million Dollar Man set! I actually own copies of all three of these Give-A-Show sets myself...


This one, on the other hand, I don't -- it was produced in the UK by Chad Valley, who had the Give-A-Show license out there!


And here's a early 1960s set that I own, although I'm pretty sure I don't have the box for it!


And just for the heck of it, for the last item today, here's some Hanna-Barbera puffy stickers -- how many of these characters do you recognize?


  1. let see know.. some i will have a little problem remembering the name but.. (in no real order) Guy on Guitar from Jabber Jaws, Jabber Jaws, Hong-kong Phonie (the Number one super guy! ^_^), Penelople Pitstop, Captain Caveman, Inch High-Private Eye, Freddy, Scooby Door, the Mystery Machine, Velma, Great Grape Ape, Daphine, Guy that looks like Shaggy from Jabber Jaws, Secret Squirrel, what looks like black girl from Captian Cave Man. I think the girl in Pink (not Pitstop) is from Jabber Jaws.. the rest range from looks a bit familer to no clue..

    How did i do?

  2. I think you did pretty good!

  3. I had thatFrankenstein Jr GiveaShow for decades but I don't seem to now and I'm not certain whatever became of it. I had another one at some point though also because I had an extra removable lens that was a different color.

  4. I like battlestar galactica . you did pretty good.

  5. Glad you enjoyed it!

  6. Booksteve -- The other one was undoubtedly the set that came with the "Kaleidoscope" lens... I've got that one in my collection, too, although I've never tried it out!

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