Saturday, May 16, 2009

Cool Stuff: Flash Gordon and Forbidden Planet!

Wow, Cool Stuff two days in a row? Can you believe it?


Here's box art for one of the 8mm home movie digests of Flash Gordon (I'm guessing it's the first serial)!


Here's a still from that first serial, too!


Believe it or not, the item above is a French Foto-Novel of Forbidden Planet! I don't believe that robot looks a thing like Robby!

Here's some Italian posters for Forbidden Planet:




I don't know if this was just a variation on the US poster, or if it was done for Canada or the UK!


Compare this title card to the poster above it, and you'll see what I mean... I thought the US posters had the same logo on them!


Here's the Spanish poster!

Next time: Battlestar Galactica Stuff!

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