Saturday, May 30, 2009

Cool Stuff: Marvel Stuff!

Here's some super-cool Marvel items!


I love this 3rd Eye black light puzzle! Here's some more 3rd Eye products:



Sorry about the glare on that poster above!


Next, some Captain America items -- some of these may have already popped up on the Captain Ameriblog, or at least they will soon, I'd suspect!


These Lakeside bendies from 1966 must be hard to come by... I've only seen this Cap one so far!


Captain America Colgate Growth Chart -- cool!


This Captain America Halloween costume looks pretty good... but if you look closely around the shoulders, you'll see what appears to be a star on the shoulder!


Larami's Captain America products had the WORST card art I've ever seen -- yet the art on the products themselves was fine... I don't quite understand why!


Remember that one year Mead came out with all the Marvel back-to-school supplies? I always liked these notebook paper refills with the iron-ons the most, although the only one I ever had was the Spider-Man one!


Inflatable Captain America pillow from 1968!


Cap Hand Puppet! He looks uncomfortable, doesn't he?


I wonder who did the art for this Captain America button from the 1960s?

More Marvel-Ous Goodies Next time!


  1. Gotta admit I've been waiting for you to get to those flourescent 3rd Eye black light posters. There were a number of them, as this flickr image illustrates:

    I had the Silver Surfer and Quasimodo poster many years before I ever read the story from which it was taken! Admirably, almost all the choices seem to have been based on what images someone felt looked the most trippy and psychedelic and would make good posters, not on merchandising the top Marvel characters. It seems to me the Kirby and Doc Strange ones look the best in this format.

  2. Most of the rest of them should be coming up on the months to come... some of those are much rarer than others, and I don't think all of them have appeared on eBay since I started the searches for them!

    Glad you're enjoying these, though!

  3. I remember the black light posters too but I had totally forgotten the SuperFlex CAP! The moment I saw it, though, I remembered the shield! Wow. I usually remember all this little, unimportant stuff. Surprised me I had so completely erased CAP.

  4. Well, Booksteve, I'd say you didn't erase Cap from your memory... you maybe just mentally misfiled it!


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