Friday, May 08, 2009

Cool Stuff: More DC Stuff!


Man, I wish they made these air fresheners today... although come to think of it, do I really want to know what scent they think the Joker or the Penguin are, to say nothing of Batman or Robin?


These Play Lites are an interesting idea, perhaps they just picked the wrong characters? For example, Iron Man might've worked better, with the uni-beam and all...


This Prestofix box may say "Super Heroes," but the logo style SCREAMS "Super Friends," doesn't it?


Not sure what happened to the front photo that goes with this, but the back of Super Powers Puffy Stickers had this picture to color!


Shazam! Corgi vehicle! Yeah, like Captain Marvel needs any kind of car...


These cups featuring Superman and Wonder Woman are from Argentina!


This Batman Whichway book was part of the Super Powers merchandising!


I'm pretty sure this record's been ripped and available to download as an MP3 somewhere...


That's a great Super Powers puzzle for the kids there!


Here's a whole set of stuff stores got to help promote their Super Powers sales!


Ah, there's the front side photo of the puffy stickers!


I wish the photo of this Superman Super Powers puzzle was sharper!

Still one more day of DC stuff to go!


  1. even though he doesn't need it Capt. Marvel has a pretty cool car. all it needs is a Penguin air freshener.

  2. I take it a Which way book is an adventure game book? (well, Adventure game books are probebly more complex since they sometimes come with dice and stuff).

    oh, as for that album....
    that's side one, and
    is side two.. but i can't comfirm how good the site is.. haven't had a catch to check them out.

  3. wiec - Yeah, it is an interesting design, isn't it?

    Manic Man - thanks, I knew it was out there somewhere!

  4. I heard that if you listen to that "Darkseid of the Moon" record while watching The Wizard of Oz with the sound turned down, it syncs up perfectly! Or maybe I'm thinking of something else.

  5. Oh, RAB, I wish I'd thought of that joke!!!


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