Saturday, May 23, 2009

Cool Stuff: Original Comic Art!

Time to look at some more original comic art offered for sale in the past year or so! I have no affiliation with the sellers of these pieces, and cannot guarantee if they're available now or not. Clicking most of these may give you options for larger viewing!

We're starting a new volume in my files, so we're at the A's!


Here's page 4 from Action Comics 393, by Curt Swan!


Next, here's page 23 from Action Comics #431, the Green Arrow backup, by Dick Dillin!


More Dillin here, it's page 30 from Action #448, this time an Atom back-up!


Now, it's back to Superman in Action, with page 25 from issue 496, by Swan!


Here's page 29 from the same issue!


Page 2 from Action #519, by Swan!


Page 12 from the same issue!


Page 4 from Action #525, by Joe Staton!

So, we've had a lot of Action... how about some Adventure?


Issue 396's cover, by Swan!

Next time: Some Carl Burgos pages, and more!


  1. Okay, now here is the question. It's always been a little bit ify how just putting on a mask, or removing your glasses and changing your hair style can make a good disguise BUT, when they revamped the green arrow, they gave him that stupid beard.. There aren't many people around like that with that colour hair etc.. So NO WAY just a little mask works now.

  2. Three little words: "Suspension of disbelief." And there's been plenty of storylines for GA since then that worked on exactly the same premise, by the way...


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