Thursday, June 04, 2009

Cool Stuff: Original Comic Art!

Time for another round of original comic book art! You know, one of these days, I should probably just start a new blog that shows off comic book art...


This time around, I start with a tier from page 23 of Batman 180, by Shelly Moldoff! It's amazing to think of all the comics art pages cut up like this, isn't it?


Here's a classic page from a classic story! It's page 18 from Batman 232, by Neal Adams!


Here's page 21 from Batman 336, by Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez!


Next, we have page 70 from Batman Family 19, it's the Huntress story (obviously) by Joe Staton!


This is page 8 from the Batman-Hulk comic... unfortunately, the seller didn't mention the actual title or issue number, and unfortunately, I haven't bothered to find out what it is, either! But I'm guessing one of you faithful readers will chime in...


Here's something different... it's the cover for Gold Key's Battle of the Planets #10, and it's by Win Mortimer! Win had previously worked at DC and Marvel (most notably at Marvel on Spidey Super Stories).


Here's Win's cover for issue 11!

And here's the cover for issue 9!


Next up, a golden oldie of sorts... it's page 4 from Black Cat #11, by Lee Elias!


Next, we're on to Brave and the Bold, with page 27 from B&B 92, by Nick Cardy!


Here's page 5 from B&B 39, by Joe Kubert!


Next up, it's John Romita's cover for Captain America #141, a landmark issue for me, as this was the first issue of Cap I recall ever having!


Moving on, here's page 12 from Captain Marvel 27, by Jim Starlin!


Next, it's page 31 from Captain Marvel 59, by Pat Broderick!


We're back to Captain America again, with page 17 from Captain America #100, by Jack Kirby!

And with that, I'll put this installment to a close, but there'll be more Captain America and more Kirby next time around!


  1. Sigh DC Special Series #27
    Batman Vs the Incredible Hulk
    1981, Art by Jose Luis Garcia Lopez
    Page 8


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