Friday, June 05, 2009

Cool Stuff!

Still looking at some cool Marvel character-related stuff!


Haven't seen one of these pop up on eBay for quite some time... it's Fleetwood Toys' Ghost Rider motorcycle toy, and it's probably the single most expensive 1970s Marvel toy to buy, period!


Get Down, America! My first wife had one of these Howard the Duck For President buttons.


Speaking of buttons, here's a 1960s Hulk button... and it's very difficult for me to figure out who the artist may have been, because it's so different from what I think of when I think of the Hulk!


Interesting Hulk figural gumball machine here... could've used a bit more detailing, but I'm guessing this was offered pretty cheaply!


I honestly don't think I remember seeing this model kit in the stores!


It's amazing how many of these slide puzzles I see offered on eBay that aren't even solved first...


...although apparently if they're capable of solving the puzzle, the seller still can't manage to take an in-focus photograph!


This is a pretty cool game concept... in, oh, probably a year or so, I'll get around to posting some other photos that I've collected that show more than just the box!


Is this an odd grouping of characters to put on one Puffi-Stickers sheet or what? Three Hulks, one Daredevil and a Mr. Fantastic...


Yes, your eyes aren't deceiving you... that is, indeed, an Incredible Hulk train set. Stupidest Hulk toy ever? Maybe. Stupidest licensed character toy ever? Maybe. Some day, I will have to start a blog that just posts pictures of stupid licensed character toys


And now, we're back to the buttons, with this very cool vintage "Make Mine Marvel" button!


I think I may have posted some of the art from these Gum Comics before, but I could be wrong... they could just be coming up in the future on one of the more focused blogs!

Next time around: Marvelmania Catalogs and More!


  1. Ah ha! That is the hulk game i got! Sorry i haven't taken photos.. for some reason, i just never get around to it..

  2. DAMN! What I would give for that Ghost Rider cycle! Awesome. I've never seen that before. Very cool.

  3. Manic Man - I'm sure you'll get around to it some day!

    Jay - It doesn't show up on eBay very often, but when it does, it goes for a pretty penny, I'll tell you that!


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