Sunday, June 14, 2009

Cool Stuff!

Kind of a mixed bag this time around, let's see what we've got!


Ah, it's a Nanny and the Professor novel, based on the TV series! This show was a favorite of mine as a child... you never quite knew for certain what the deal was with Nanny... did she have ESP? Was she a witch? Or was she just observant? While watching reruns of this show on FX back in its early days, I realized that this program was probably a major factor in my thinking of women with British accents having an extra-sexy quality to them!


Ah, some Popeye stuff! This 1962 game, manufactured by Transogram, is very appropriate; after all, Popeye is a sailor, a fishing game makes sense... but it doesn't look like there's anything Popeye about it once it's out of the box!


A nice assortment of buttons here... I actually think I like the Crusader Rabbit one the most now!


Wow, this inflatable raft by Ideal is seriously off-model, isn't it?


The shoe tree is more on-model... but what the heck does Popeye have to do with shoes? Would any serious Popeye fan have that many shoes to begin with???


Every time I think I've got photos of all the 1970s Planet of the Apes items that there were... other stuff shows up, like this AHI flying saucer...


...or this club bat and ball!


Or this Caesar costume (which I suspect is the same costume they sold as a Cornelius costume and later as a Galen costume)...


...or this Lisa costume (which may have been previously sold as a Zira costume)...


...or this Soldier Ape Dangler! And you thought the drawing of this in the monster mags was not a proper representation of this thing!


Flashlights have nothing to do with Planet of the Apes... but I have to say, I like the name of this product, don't you?


Here's a French lobby card from the first movie!


A Galen bank, probably made by Mego, but I could be wrong!


Half sheet poster!


Lobby card! And here's some stills:



More Planet of the Apes stuff next time around!


  1. Seconded on Nanny and the Professor!

  2. That Soldier Ape Dangler looks like Mr. Bill's nemesis, Mr. Sluggo, took a brickbat to his face! (Or maybe he used an authentic POTA Club Bat and Ball.)

    Rich Handley
    Timeline of the Planet of the Apes:
    The Definitive Chronology

  3. I loved Nanny, also. Great theme song even! I know what you mean about the accent. In 1985 I hired a girl at my bookstore just because she had an English accent. She stayed only briefly but went on to manage another bookstore and became an author and editor before moving back to London. Now here we are nearly a quarter century later and she and I are still Facebook friends. All because I REALLY liked her accent!

  4. rassmguy - Yeah, looks that way, doesn't it?

    RAB & Booksteve -- I'm beginning to think that Nanny & The Professor had that impact on a whole generation of guys!


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