Thursday, June 18, 2009

Slight Change of Plans...

We just heard from our adoption attorney, and learned that there's no judge working on the 30th to do our adoption, so now it's been moved forward a week to June 23rd!

And after we'd finalized our adoption announcements and all... well, that just means Desi will be a legal member of the family a week longer, right?

I say "legal," because she was pretty much family for us the day she was placed with us!


  1. Oh well, look at it this way:
    June 23rd is a lucky day among comics geeks, as it was the release date of Tim Burton's Batman back in 1989...

  2. I did not remember that!

    For me, the exact date isn't important, we'd just wanted it to be before Desi's 2nd birthday!


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