Friday, July 03, 2009

By the 10's: Casper's Ghostland!

This should be another done-in-one posting... Casper's Ghostland was one of several spin-off titles from the main Casper comic... I'm not sure what the difference was supposed to be, really, other than it was a giant-size book with all of the Casper supporting cast featured!


Here's issue 10's cover!


Here's issue 20... I suppose ghosts could use clouds to make a "snowman," couldn't they? Especially with Wendy the Witch around to help.


Issue 30!


Issue 40!


Issue 50... once again, the inanimate is afraid of Casper!


I wonder how Casper got the Ghostly Trio to agree to a race, given that they usually worked at odds against him, if I recall correctly? This is issue 60's cover.


Issue 70!


Check out Nightmare's expression on issue 80's cover!


How did I miss issue 90's cover when I was collecting sports comics covers? That wraps up this installment... things will heat up next time around, with Devil Kids!


  1. While I count BATMAN # 180 as the first title of my comic book collecting career, my dad had been buying me CASPER comics for several years prior to that so all of these have a special nostalgia for me. When my own son was born in '96, I grabbed a bunch of early CASPER comics out of the dollar bins of all the local comics shops for him, too!

  2. Wow, Steve, that's a great tradition to carry on!


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