Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Castle of Frankenstein #18, Part 7!

"Latest Film News" fills pages 42 and 43 of Castle of Frankenstein #18!


On the first pages, movies in production noted include Ben, Frogs, Schlock, Topper Returns (a TV movie starring Roddy McDowell), Dr. Phibes Rises Again, Dracula AD 72, Blacula, a rumor of NBC producing a four-hour version of "Dr. Frankenstein" to be seen over 2 nights, George Pal's purchase of the rights to the Doc Savage novels is mentioned, Conquest of the Planet of the Apes (readied for 1973 release, "it will only be last of the series of the public tires" which it obviously didn't), The Pied Piper of Hamelin (starring Donald Pleasance and Jack Wild), Son of Blob, Dr. Jekyll & Sister Hyde, Lady Frankenstein, Blood From the Mummy's Tomb, and many others.

Also mentioned in longer form is Flesh Gordon, Hitchcock's next movie, "Frenzy," and a few others.


Page 43's coverage includes The Man Who Fell to Earth, House of Seven Gables, Childhood's End (obviously never made), the Monster Maker (penned by Stan Lee, I'm guessing this wasn't ever filmed, either), Disney's Now You See Him, Now You Don't and Robin Hood... Fritz The Cat is announced, and apparently Bakshi claimed to have the rights to Dick Tracy, too. Hanna Barbera's forthcoming adapatation of Charlotte's Web is mentioned, too, as well as Gamera Vs. Guiron, Island of the Burning Dammed, and Night Gallery.

Recent deaths mentioned in the coverage include Michael Rennie (star of The Day The Earth Stood Still), August Derleth (horror author), John W. Campbell, Jr. (do I have to say who he was?), William Thompson (voice actor), Ub Iwerks (animation legend).

And apparently, photos of Cal Beck and Forry Ackerman together with each other's magazines were taken at the 29th World SF Convention in Boston!

A number of Fanzines are mentioned, including Martin L. Greim's Comic Crusader and ERB-Dom.


I'm not sure who did the drawing of the Metaluna Mutant from This Island, Earth to lead off the main section, but it's not too bad!


The letters on this page included letters from David Cruz of Terre Haute, Indiana, John Hammond of Atlanta, Georgia, and Mike Sanders of Hayward, California... so if any of them do a Google search on themselves and find this post, hi!

Page 45 also features the Baron von Bungle cartoon strip by Richard Bojarski.


Page 46 has letters from Derke G. Bossert of Forest Park, GA, Linda Suzuki of Honolulu, Hawaii, and Louis Henken of Flushing, NY!

But what's the most interesting part of this page and the net is the ad for the International Convention of COmic Art, starting on this page and featuring Nick Fury and Dick Tracy...


...and continues on page 47, including The Human Turch, Spider-Man, Hawkman, Captain America, Li'l Abner, the GOlden Age Flash, Batman, The Thing, Little Orphan Annie, Pogo, Jinks, Popeye, Lothor, Clark Kent, MAndrake the Magician, Plastic Man (he's disguised as Mandrake's briefcase), Wonder Woman, the SPirit, Flash Gordon, Charlie Brown and Snoopy, Krazy Kat, Robin and the Barry Allen Flash!

There's a few other characters there I don't recognize, such as a rabbit wearing a cape and goggles, a mouse that I think might've been a Pogo supporting cast member... oh, I think there's the aardvark from B.C.!

Next time: More Letters, the rest of the Headitorial, Larry Hama, and Ads!


  1. Did you mention that those comics con pages were done by Steranko? I ran them a couple years ago form CofF and someone sent me at least one additional full page. The whole piece can now be seen over at

  2. You know, Booksteve, I should've recognized it as Steranko! Thanks for the info!


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