Saturday, July 25, 2009

Movie of the Week: Batman Serials!

Something a little different this week, as the Movie of the Week looks at both the Batman serials! I should really see about posting these serials as Random Videos of Geekery sometime...



Mexican poster

Batman and Robin French poster




  1. what's really odd about this one.. isn't really..

    Some time back, i got a VHS Double Bill which was GhostBusters and GhostBusters 2. good collection really ^_^, anyway.. Not said on the box ANYWHERE, there was a bit more on the tape. Inbetween GB1 and GB2, there was Episode one of this Batman Serial, followed by a very short catcher screen basicly saying "If you liked this and to find out more, buy the Batman Serial on VHS now". very odd that it was put on that tape without any note but pretty intresting (and yes, it was an offical VHS, not a bootleg). Of course, the serial itself had... intresting acting when in part one the guy sits in a wooden chair with a light bulb that allows him to walk... might be intresting to watch the whole thing sometime but i must say, i haven't been able to sit through a whole serial yet.. not even the Shadow one.. They just drag too much for me..

  2. I used to have both the serials on VHS myself... not too bad, considering the budget... too bad it was Columbia who made 'em, instead of Republic, the kings of the serials!


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