Saturday, August 29, 2009

Movie of the Week: TRIPLE FEATURE!

Multiple movies this time around... first up, At the Earth's Core!


Next: Attack of the Giant Leeches!


And our third feature: Atlantis, the Lost Continent!

Click to super-size!



  1. Jon,
    wikipedia's page for 1961's Atlantis, the Lost Continent lists it was based on a 1949 play by Gerald Hargreaves, "Atalanta: A Story of Atlantis". I was lucky to find a summary: "musical by British composer Sir Gerald Hargreaves, who also wrote
    the libretto and designed its lavish sets. The story is set in the Atlantean court,
    where two factions of aristocrats argue for and against war. At the height of their
    debate, the Greek hero, Achilles, fresh from his triumph over the Trojans, arrives
    to plea for peace. But a warlike faction carries the day, and he flees with his lover,
    the princess Atalanta, as Atlantis sinks beneath the sea, as punishment by the gods."


    A musical! Who would have thought?


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