Thursday, August 06, 2009

Random Videos of Geekery: Radar Men From the Moon, Chapter 1!


  1. Great stuff! You just can't beat these old movie serials for goofy fun. I hope you will be doing the whole series so I can come back and enjoy them daily/weekly. As a kid we lived in Europe on a Canadian military base and our theatre would include these with some cartoons, a B-feature and then the main film. We spent the whole Saturday afternoon at the movies. Good times.

  2. Chapters 2 through 7 will be coming up! Chapter 2 on the 11th, Chapter 3 on the 18th, Chapter 4 on the 20th, Chapter 5 on the 26th, Chapter 6 on the 31st, and Chapter 7 on September 7th!


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