Thursday, September 24, 2009

Cool Stuf!

Yes, it's still more Megos!


I've never understood what the Supervator was supposed to be all about, myself...

8_thing 8_thingbox

Here's the Thing! Yes, that's a foreign language carded version there... big surprise, eh? Mego did an excellent job with the sculpt for Ben's head, it's just too bad they didn't paint in the details. The silk-screened costume was a good way to deal with the rock plates, too.


I'm not sure why the Teen Titans, such as Wonder Girl above, were manufactured with a very different card style! Note that Robin's not pictured with the team here. Best as I can figure, it's because Robin wasn't part of Titans as featured on Filmation's Aquaman show, which may have been running in syndication at this time.

I have a Mego Memory here, too! There used to be a Toy Show in Kent, Washington about every three months, back in the day, and after attending a few times as a buyer, I finally decided to get a dealer's table there for a few shows. The advantage this gave me was I'd actually make some money, and get first crack at what the other sellers have! If you've never sold at a comic or toy show, I'm going to give away a secret now... every show I've ever sold at, some dealers would get there right away, get their stuff in, but before they'd set their stuff up, they'd scour the other dealers' tables to see if they had anything for sale that they figured they could ask more for. Many shows, I'd already turn a profit before the buyers were admitted!

Anyway, one of the Toy Shows I was selling at, my brother Jeff came to help me with, and I took a break to wander around... I don't believe I had a chance to look before the show opened. Anyway, I found one table that had all four of the Teen Titans, loose but complete, for $20 each! I couldn't pass these up, and didn't. On my way back to my table, I stopped at someone else's table (the table belonging to the couple I got my Green Arrow Mego costume from), and learned that they'd seen them, but thought they weren't authentic for some reason!


And here's the last of the Megos for a while... a boxed Wonder Woman! I'm sorry, this was the dorkiest-looking female figure Mego produced!

Wow, I thought there'd be enough Megos for a full post, but there isn't! Let's see what else I can come up with for today...


OK, it's just the card, but doesn't this look like the coolest toy around -- at least, if you're an Avengers fan?


Here's a Mego-manufactured Thing Bank!

How about some Barbarella stuff now? Like some Mexican Lobby Cards?




Been a while since I had any Battlestar Galactica items, and this coloring poster set is pretty nice!

Next time around, it'll be all Batman items, but here's a few Batman items to whet your appetites:


This cool sleeping bag was produced in 1975!


This Batboat was produced in Argentina, probably by Gulliver!


The same probably goes for this Bat-Copter!


  1. I agree with you about the sword stick toy, but I'm having trouble imagining British boys running around the playground wearing bowler hats and carnations in their lapels as they play at being John Steed...

  2. I don't know, RAB, it was the 60s, y'know! :)


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