Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Cool Stuff!

Well, mostly cool stuff, sometimes just weird stuff, or knock-off stuff, to be honest...


Case in point: This "Moon Trek" ray gun toy, obviously designed to make children think it's a Star Trek item (not that it bears any less resemblance to anything on Star Trek than anything Remco put out as a Star Trek item in the 1960s).


I'll never understand why nobody was able to make a Phaser toy that was really on-model or on-scale until Playmates' line in the late 1980s/early 1990s... here's Mego's Phaser game, which was similar to Laser Tag.


There were about three or four puzzles produced around the time of the animated version of Star Trek!


Oh, here's one of those Remco Star Trek items I referred to before... does this look anything like the Enterprise to you???


Remco did much better with Star Trek in the 1970s, witness the utility belt, one of the best utility belt toys of any kind produced!


Here's one of Kenner's earliest attempts to spin off the success of the Give-A-Show Projector -- probably the hardest of the 1960s sets to procure, and I finally got one back in February!


Cool Thermos, isn't it? Manufactured in '67.


Probably a Fleischer cartoon on this 8mm home movie!


At least this Corgi vehicle wasn't pretending to be Superman's van... I would love it if my van looked like this!


I believe this is the decoration that was advertised in the comics of the 1970s... here's the ad:


That helps you remember what this is, doesn't it?


Goofiest-looking flying Superman toy, ever.


All I have in my notes about this item is "Flying Train Comic" -- now I have no idea what I meant by that... maybe it's a book and record set about Superman flying a train somewhere?

More Superman next time!

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  1. speaking of the Corgi Superman Vehicles, i'm sure it was in the same set as that Super van, but there was one of these bad ones that had it done out as if it was the Daily planet Develiery van, but along with the newspaper and it's title, there was a picture of Clark Kent ripping open his shirt to show the Super Man logo (Did superman have 'super Cool Body'? cause wearing all them layers of clothes all the time?

    Anyway... i just remember that one as a sign of just what this kinds of toys are like ^_^


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