Saturday, September 19, 2009

Cool Stuff!

More Megos... and maybe more Mego Memories!


Here's a boxed Iron Man -- apparently he's very hard to find on the card! And that brings to mind a semi-Mego Memory! I mentioned before that I had GI Joes as a kid, and the first group of Megos my brothers and I got... but I don't believe we got any other Megos after that (with a few exceptions... Jeff had the Magnetic 12" Batman and Robin, and I later got a full set of the first release Star Trek figures). I knew that other heroes had been released, but I wasn't getting them. So, what to do?

Well, I must've had some memory of Captain Action -- at least advertisements -- so the thought occurred to me that I could make superhero costumes for my Joes! Fortunately, I was already into puppetry, and so knew how to sew. Among the costumes I made was an Iron Man costume, but oddly enough, instead of sewing the chestplate, I decided to take a McDonald's French Fry box and cut holes for the head and arms to go through! Weird, isn't it?


The only Filmation-created character to be part of the 8" Mego line, it's Isis!

8_joker 8_jokerbox

I always thought that the Joker was one of the best Mego figures... the screen-printed costume worked very well for him!


The Lizard! Never had a complete Lizard figure, only a naked one... at least, I think it was a Lizard, because the Gorn figure from the Trek line was molded with a brown head, wasn't he?


The Mobile Bat-Lab was probably the second-best Batman vehicle Mego put out (the Batcycle being the best, IMHO)!


I don't know why, but it seems like more Fantastic Four Megos are offered on Mego on non-English language boxes and cards than any other Mego!

8_mxybox 8_mxyzptlk

I'll never understand why Superman's sole foe in this scale was Mr. Mxyzptlk, and not Lex Luthor, or even Brainiac or Metallo!

8_penguin 8_penguinbox

Here's the 8" Penguin! He used the same body as Mr. Mxyzptlk, and I believe the later Wizard of Oz had the same body, too (the coat may have been the same, too, for all I know).

8_riddler.jpg 8_riddlerbox.jpg

The Riddler was another excellent costume by Mego!

8_robin 8_robinbox.jpg

Here's Robin, the Boy Wonder, on the card and in the box -- either of these are the removable mask versions!

8_shazam 8_shazambox.jpg

When I made a Captain Marvel costume for my GI Joes, it was much more faithful to the comics than Mego's Captain Marvel!


Spider-Car... none of the Marvel accessories resembled anything from the comics, naturally... you'd have thought they'd at least have made a Fantasti-Car for the FF!

8_spidey 8_spideybox

Here's Spider-Man! There were a few variations on his costume that I've heard of.


Last one for this time... it's not really a Mego item, it's Empire Toys' Spider-Man Crime Lab! I have no idea how this licensing happened, but they also made a Spider-Man helicopter, as well as a van and helicopter for the Hulk! As goofy as these are, I believe they also made a Bat-Copter that's much cooler than the Mego one!

Next time: More Megos!


  1. Oh these bring a tear of nostalga to my eye. I foldly remember Iron Man, Green Arrow and Captain Kirk going up against those Mego-sized monster toys of the same era. The Horrible Mummy was one of them...

  2. Glad to bring back some memories for ya, Al!

  3. Glad to bring back some memories for ya, Al!


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