Thursday, October 15, 2009

Cool Stuff!

Time to show some more cool stuff that's been offered for sale on eBay in the past!


This custom playset for Mego's Captain Marvel figure is absolutely brilliant, making amazing use out of the same gimmick they used for the Star Trek transporter!


Next up, the Mexican lobby card for "The Day the Sky Exploded," which probably makes it look like a much better movie than it really was!

And now we're getting into DC heroes stuff!


First up, the Batman set of Super Hero Stamps! I may have a larger photo of this to be shared in the future.


One of these Batman & Wonder Woman Etch-A-Sketch Action Packs was just offered for sale back in July! Kind of a neat idea, but with video games getting more and more complex, an idea that was probably 5-10 years too late to really catch on.


I believe I've posted much smaller photos of the box for the Super Heroes Bingo set before... here's better ones, which you may be able to click for larger viewing options!


Of fairly recent vintage are these Mexican knockoff plastic figures of the JLA'ers, painted really, really badly!


Here's Batman and Robin Super Friends Air Freshener... every time I see these, I wonder what scents they had!


This Batman patch was obviously printed onto the material, as opposed to being embroidered... still a nice piece, though!


Here's a Super Heroes Lite Brite set... I don't recall being interested in these for very long... maybe from about 5 to 7 or so... very limiting when you're trying to create a picture with it, isn't it?


Here's the Robin counterpart to the Batman patch presented above!


This Shazam! Superbaby is wrong on so many levels... well, okay, two, if you don't have a problem with the super baby concept... The obvious one is the blonde hair (the Batman Superbaby also had blonde hair)... but what you can't see is that on the lower left-hand corner of the box, there's a blurb saying "I'm Baby Shazam!" Now, I understand that they couldn't say "I'm Baby Captain Marvel," but still, that specifically makes it sound as though it should be the infant version of the wizard himself!


This Super Powers party centerpiece obviously recycles Super Friends art with the Super Powers logo!

More DC stuff next time!


  1. i'm being stupid here.. i'll skip over the fact that i'm never sure HOW these guys get away with wide spread bootlegs (I see packs of X amount of bootleg figures quite often and they are clearly known characters with known artwork) But lets look at the figures..

    Super Man, Aquaman (Modern), Flash, Wonder Woman... How the hell if the other one? i'm probebly being a little stupid but.. i can't tell.. I would have expected Green Lantern OR Batman but that's clearly neither

  2. MM - They get away with it by not including any kind of contact information on the packaging, so there's no way to track them down.

    The figure you can't identify appears to be a very badly painted Green Lantern, Kyle Rayner version.

  3. I am guessing Green Lantern too, but WOW - what a horrible job! Love the Aquaman find though. Weird, but fun.

    And great pic of the Bingo game!

  4. well.. stuff like them figures just seam to make me wonder what Flecher Hanks is doing these days.. i wonder why...

    anyway.. personally.. i would have never guessed green Lantern.. that is a bad job.. though zooming in, i think i can see some molded details.. Again, personally, I never really liked Aquaman and that 90s 'Long hair, beard and Hook' idea was junk

  5. completely unrelated and way to new for you, but that Captain Marvel set just reminds me of the one Superman toy i got. I think it's meant to be from the animated series but it's one of this belt clip toys that is way to big, that is the S shield, it opens up to be a mini metropolis with some villan, i can't remember who, figure, a Superman Figure and a Clark Kent figure. The gimmick is, put Clark kent in the Daily Planet Building's main door, close the door, and open it and it's Superman!. It works very a little switch at the back which will switch the chamber from one to the other. Intresting and it's a pretty fun toy.. Don't know what that set reminds me of it, but it does.


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