Friday, October 16, 2009

George Tuska, RIP

Tony Isabella just informed me (through Facebook) that comics artist George Tuska has passed away. If you've been following the "original comic art" posts I do, you've probably figured out that I was a great admirer of Tuska's work. I've long wished that he could've been getting as much comics work these days as he'd like (I feel the same way about pretty much anyone who's still around that worked in comics in the 1960s and 1970s). His style was unique, almost a blend of Kirby dynamism with the beauty of John Buscema.

He will be missed.


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  1. while its one of this cases you want to say "It's a shame", it's not. He was a great artist, in the past and not offence, isn't someone whos art will be missed, cause well, when was the last time he did a comic? and at the age of 93, he has had a good life. So he's a great artist that had his run, was much liked, and died at a good age and left both a good number of fans and a good number of childern,grandchildern etc..

    I have far less to say about the death of Joe Rosen.. i must admit my knowledge of letters is far less.

    Oh and i was just told about Newsarama having a bit on tuska, checked it myself and saw this line:
    "Initially, I had read the reports on Jon Knutson’s blog, which was later confirmed by various outlets."
    Way to go?

  2. Good night, George Tuska :(


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