Saturday, October 03, 2009

Halloween Countdown: Monster Cards, Part 1!

So here's a special Halloween Countdown feature which will appear sporadically through the month: Monster Trading Cards! I've been saving what decent photos I could find for a while, holding them in reserve for this month, and it's time to share!

First up, here's some cards from a "blue" set, I don't recall right now who produced 'em:

blue 002 curse of the faceless man
blue 003 gets me right here
blue 007 wheresthatddt
blue 012 i smoke filter tips
blue 013 whos a cabbagehead
blue 017 curse of the mummy
blue 018 like man im tired
blue 021 mad soul
blue 024 phantom of the opera.jpg

More next time!


  1. Suh-weet find man!!! Love them!

  2. Those are pretty neat, especially the filter tip smoker one...

  3. Oh god, I didn't need to see these.

    I've read that they're perhaps bootleg versions of the Nu-Cards horror cards from '61.

    They're fantastic. They almost have a kind of "punk rock" aesthetic to them.

    #71 is my favorite so far.

  4. Wings - Glad you liked them!

    Shawn - Glad you liked them, too!

    Plasticfetish - That's possible!

    Wait until you see what's coming up!


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