Saturday, October 10, 2009

Halloween Countdown: Original Horror Comic Art!

Time for another look at some original comic art from horror and monster comics!


First up is John Severin's cover for Alarming Tales #5! Looks to have a bit of a Wally Wood influence, doesn't it?


The seller of this Jack Kirby page claimed it was from an issue of Alarming Tales, but it says "Unearthly" on the art itself... anyone know for sure where it came from?


Well, perhaps he wasn't a monster per se, but It! The Living Colossus certainly fits in the mold of other giant creatures! Here's page 1 from Astonishing Tales #22, by Dick Ayers!


Here's Warren Kremer's very moody cover for Black Cat Mystery #37!


From issue #40, here's Joe Simon's cover!


Jack Kirby's cover to issue #57 looks like it inspired a later DC sci-fi comics cover, eh?


Kirby also did the cover to the slightly-retitled #59!


The seller of the cover for Black Cat #60 claimed it was by Kirby, and the GCD agrees, adding it's Joe Simon inks... so who am I to judge?


Next, we have a page from Black Magic #12, by Mort Meskin, showing a very strong Simon-Kirby influence!


Here's an unpublished Kirby cover for Black Magic!


Next up, it's the painted cover to Boris Karloff Tales of Mystery #18, by George Wilson!


And here's the cover to Chamber of Chills #7, by Al Avison!


Issue #11's cover, by Lee Elias!


Elias also did issue #14's cover!


Here's an unknown page from Chamber of Chills #10, by Rudy Palais!


And here's Elias' cover for that same issue!


Issue #17's cover, also Elias!

More Chamber of Chills to start us off next time!


  1. It was a 2 page story from Harvey's "Unearthly Spectaculars" #3. Script and Pencils by Jack Kirby, Inks by Joe Simon. Seams it was reprinted from Alarming Tales #1 where it was a 3 page story. For some reason, it was cut down for Unearthly. I would say that Version of the page is probebly (as the art states) from Unearthly but the seller got mixed up cause of the oringal version and.. like often, they can't seam to read ¬_¬;

  2. Great pictures. I was just thinking about Halloween costumes for this year. I prefer those which are self made but it is hard to make up very original costumes. And I absolutely forgot that horror and monster comics are full of great ideas. Thanks for this post.

    Best regards,

  3. Manic Man -- The silly thing about it is that I actually have that issue of Unearthly Spectaculars, but had forgotten I had it when making that post. I didn't realize it had been reprinted from an earlier book!

    Condos - you're welcome!


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