Thursday, November 12, 2009

By the 10's: Fritzi Ritz!

This time around, By the 10's looks at Fritzi Ritz! She doesn't ring a bell with some of you younger readers? She was Nancy's aunt (you know, Nancy as in "Nancy and Sluggo"?), and was the featured character in that strip originally, until her niece came along and took over the thing!


Here's issue 10's cover!


No scan of issue 20 handy, so we skip to issue 30!


Here issue 40's cover... and yes, that's Nancy there, and the title had also jumped publishers by this point!


Issue 50 - Fritzi barely appears on her own book's cover here! With issue 56, the title moved again, this time to Dell Comics, but only lasted a few more issues!


  1. Always considered Aunt Fritzi a real babe! I just recently discovered that the strip was actually done originally by someone other than Bushmiller. He took it over when the other guy left and then created niece Nancy!

  2. Wow, I had no idea! By the way, thanks for the linkage on I.T.C.H.!


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