Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Castle of Frankenstein #16, Part 8!

We're on to the letter column!


The letter column has a very nice heading by an artist who signed their name "Ludwig," and features Richard Bojarski's "Baron Von Bungle" at the bottom. Between is a lengthy letter by John J. Fox, Chairman of the Confraternity of Christian DOctrine, who discusses 2001: A Space Odyssey at length.


Page 49 features this ad for the great Flash Gordon reprint book by Nostalgia Press, a bargain at today's prices!


Page 50 features letters from Dan Recchia, Ron Watkins, Tom Lowe, Louis Pallaro, Ray Reistoffer, and Al Westerfield.


A bunch of great fanzines are listed on page 51's ad... I don't ever remember seeing these at any of the last few comics shows I've been to!


And here's the last page of letters... with missives from Carmen Minchella, Kent Kirby, JOhn Mullet, Richard H. Bush, David Soren, Louie Henken, and KEvin Pagann... any of you guys who wrote these and find yourself directed to this blog, speak up in the comments, won't you?


Page 53 concludes the Dark Shadows article, and commences the Mini-Reviews! Movies reviewed are "Angel Levine" ("sensitive but depressing"), "Barbarella" ("Forced, very disappointing"), "Beast of Blood" ("wasted film"), "Beneath the Planet of the Apes" ("Some fine visuals, nonetheless"), "The Best House in London" ("Mildly diverting"), "Blood Demon" ("choppy"), "The Blood Suckers" ("amateurish"), "Bloodthirsty Butchers" ("unwarranted remake"), "The Boston Strangler" ("Critically pasted but good"), "The Bride Wore Black" ("Disappointing"), "Captain Nemo & the Underwater City" ("juvenile but pleasant"), "Castle Keep" ("Strange, beautiful and fascinating"), "Colossus: The Forbin Project" ("taut, intriguing"), "Curse of the Blood-Ghouls" ("no bargain on TV"), "Danger: Diabolik" ("moderately unsuccessful"), "De Sade" ("surprisingly low-grade production"), "Deadly Sweet" ("Clever, engaging"), "Destroy All Monsters" ("Mostly dull, impossible to follow"), "The Devil's Bride" ("Erratic"), and "The Dunwich Horror" ("cliche-crippled").

The mini-reviews are continued on page 60.

Next time: Reviews by the Comic-Book Council and more ads!

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