Thursday, December 31, 2009

Change is Afoot!

Setting this to show up at the beginning for a while, to give everyone a chance to adjust to a cosmetic change!

First of all, I'm changing all future posts with a number of photos/scans in them so that only the first one will show up on the blog when you first get here... and then you'll just click a "read more" link to get the rest of it. Unfortunately, this is appearing after the "you might also like" listings, so you have to look for it! The main reason for doing this is to hopefully speed up the load time when you first get here, and make it easier to skip over features you may not have as much interest in.

I've decided to drop the "reactions" feature, as it rarely saw any use.

That should be all for now!


  1. Sounds great! I was going to suggest fewer entries per page to speed up the load time or something, but I was afraid I'd sound jerky. It was taking a while on my measly 768 dsl waiting for the entire page to load before I could even view the top entry.

  2. Well, that's why I did it... so make sure to let me know if it helps matters, okay?

    I certainly didn't want to reduce my daily content!


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