Saturday, December 26, 2009

Cool Stuff: DC Stuff!

Did any of you find any of this DC merchandise under your tree yesterday?



Man, one of these days, I've got to get my hands on one of these... of course, if I do, you can be sure that high-res scans will appear here for printing your own set out!

dcsh_funbook1 dcsh_funbook2 dcsh_funbook3

Man, I never got anything like this in the package for any loaf of bread I've ever bought! I guess I wasn't buying Sunbeam Bread when this came out.


Next up, this really lousy Mexican Green Lantern Super Powers figure knockoff!

dcsh_lunchbags1.jpg dcsh_lunchbags2.jpg

Why can't they make lunch bags like these nowadays... except with four-color printing?


This could've gone with one of the Mego figures post, but I figured I'd save it for the DC stuff... this catalog page is from 1975!


Nice postcard here... but not worth what the seller was asking (including shipping) to me!


I would have LOVED to have had this ruler when I was a kid! Heck, I'd love to have it now!


This was apparently an original cel from Super Friends!

dcsh_sf_maskfinssnorkel dcsh_sf_masksnorkel
dcsh_sf_swimgoggles dcsh_sf_swimgogglesplugs

Some of the most appropriate items that ever featured Aquaman I've seen here!


Super Friends Party Horns!

dcsh_sf_wrapping1.JPG dcsh_sf_wrapping2.JPG

Just in time for the day after Christmas, here's Super Friends Christmas Gift Wrap!


Here's one of the rarer Sgt. Rock items, this one produced by AHI!

dcsh_sp_playdohmold1.JPG dcsh_sp_playdohmold2.JPG dcsh_sp_playdohmold3.JPG

These Play-Doh molds may have been a Super Powers item!

And there'll be more DC stuff next time!


  1. I would use the Super Friends Christmas wrapping paper as wallpaper. I wish I still had my Super-Heroes Color and Play set. Sunbeam Bread must have been a regional item for I have never seen any around here.

  2. I believe Sunbeam was a regional brand... I know I'd heard of it before, but don't recall where I was at the time.


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