Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last This 'n That Time of 2009!

A few things to muse upon briefly as the year winds up...

ITEM! Today is Krypto's birthday! He's now five years old, although to look at his postings on his Facebook Page, you'd think he figures he's really Krypto the Superdog! He's been getting all kinds of birthday greetings there this week. We aren't planning a special party for him or anything like that... I suspect that if he were to ask for a birthday present, it would be that we give away new boxer puppy Ginger, who's been trying to play with him, but he's not always in the mood!

ITEM! If you've been following the Random Acts for a while, you'll know that I tend to try to work ahead a bit... at this point, there are scheduled posts through February! We'll see if in March I finally get around to starting the "Dog of the Geek" feature I've been threatening here and there...

ITEM! Finally watched the new Star Trek a week or two back... or did I mention that already? I enjoyed it overall... although I think the plot kind of stretched credibility a bit with Kirk's rapid advance to Captain, especially given that everyone else in the crew had to have been in Starfleet for a while before Kirk joined!

ITEM! We've purchased both seasons of The Big Bang Theory on DVD, and have been watching them... I'm looking forward to the extra features, few as they are! Speaking of DVDs, I also recently was given X-Men Origins: Wolverine, which I haven't even opened up yet.

ITEM! I hope that all of my readers, whether you've been reading this from the beginning, or just recently joined me here, have been enjoying my posts this past year. The blog's finally starting to pay me a pittance here and there, but even if it didn't, I'd keep doing it for the sheer love of blogging! But on that subject, if you feel like clicking on some of the AdSense links (I get paid per click for those, nothing further needed on your part), or if you want to purchase things through my Amazon or other links, it's greatly appreciated, especially during times of the year when money gets a little bit tight!

That's it for now... I hope you've all had a good 2009, and that you'll have a great 2010!



  1. Fun stuff. Added Krypto as a friend. :)

    I liked Star Trek, too, but not as fervently as my now 14-year-old daughter. She freakin' loves that movie.

    And Big Bang Theory is hilarious! Enjoy!

    Happy 2010 to you & yours!

  2. Thanks, happy 2010 to you and yours as well!


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