Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Cool Stuff: Marvel Stuff!

More Captain America stuff to start out with (and yeah, all these have or will appear in the Captain Ameriblog)!


That's one nice Playskool frame-tray puzzle!


While the Jet Car here looks like something a super-hero might drive... what's with the messed-up proportions for Cap here? Looks like he had to have all his limbs removed (and part of his torso) to fit in the driver's seat!


Here's an issue of Creem Magazine featuring Spidey on the cover! How's that for odd?


A couple of those silly rack toys that have no relationship to the characters featured on the cards or stickers... I bet the same stuff was molded in blue to be Batman toys!


This Doctor Doom patch based on John Byrne's art from his epochal Fantastic Four run is a bit outside the usual range of stuff I save photos of... but it was just too cool not to save and share!


No, your eyes aren't deceiving you... that is, indeed, a Ben Cooper Doctor Strange costume! Wow!


From 1975, here's a Fantastic Four T-shirt that is awesome to behold (it would only be better if it was Kirby art, eh?)!


There weren't too many Fantastic Four rack toys... this is probably about all of them (aside from the figural flashlights, anyway)... the Sky Sled Launcher above (kind of a creative way to use the standard propeller shooters)...


Not recommended for children under five? Who else would have bought these Fantastic Four Supercars when the first came out? Now, if they had been sections of the Fantasti-Car that could've fit together if you bought 'em all...


Last of the FF rack toys (for now, anyway) is this target game... I suppose if Galactus was the same height as Doom, he'd be worth only double the points Doom is worth...


The seller said this was a vintage FF t-shirt, but I have to wonder if it was actually faux vintage, i.e. "distressed" on purpose...


Wow, check out these vintage vending machine vari-vue rings! Awesome, aren't they?

Next time around, we'll start with some Hulk stuff!


  1. "Now, if they had been sections of the Fantasti-Car that could've fit together if you bought 'em all…"

    This is one of those ideas where, now that someone has suggested it, it immediately sounds so obviously right that it's utterly inexplicable no one ever did this!

  2. Well, the Fantasti-Car that Toy Biz came out with kind of did that, but it didn't look all that cool to begin with, if I recall correctly.

  3. If you thought that ONE Ben Cooper Dr Strange costume was cool.. then imagine that there were THREE "variants"!

    I blogged about them a few Halloweens ago.

    Sanctum Sanctorum Comix


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