Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Movie Franchise Reboots

So, the news has been out for a few days that the Spider-Man movie franchise is being rebooted instead of continued. There are opinions galore as to whether this is a good thing or not.

Me? Well, I'm of mixed opinion... on the one hand, I would've liked to have seen what Spider-Man 4 might have been like, and if they could've recovered from Spider-Man 3, which I generally thought was not a good movie. On the other hand, perhaps a rebooting of the franchise, casting Spidey younger and having a chance to rework things from scratch could well be a good thing...

I suppose it all is a matter of timing. I understand they're shooting for a 2012 release for the new movie (as yet untitled, apparently... might I suggest "Amazing Spider-Man"?), and it's possible that enough time will have passed for movie audiences to accept a reboot.

There are a few problems inherent with franchise reboots of any kind, obviously... any movie series will have its fans who are against the idea of starting over, and one has to consider whether or not these "core fans" are a large enough percentage of the overall viewing public to really matter.

Overall, I think it's best when there's been a fairly long period of time between the last movie in the original series and the reboot. "Star Trek" is a good example of this (even though it's as much a reboot of the original series as it is of the movie series). "Batman Begins" is another. Both of these series were pretty much dead in the water, and needed a reboot to reignite interest, I think.

I think there's a few other franchises that could well benefit from a reboot, but I think I'll keep my list confined to comic book-based properties, and this will be a short list.

First of all is "Fantastic Four." While the movies were fairly successful, I do feel they strayed from the original material quite a bit. Keeping closer to the comics continuity might be a benefit to the series... and perhaps it would be a good idea if they stayed away from Doctor Doom if they ever do reboot this series. With today's CGI capabilities, I can't help but think that a movie featuring the FF vs. the Mole Man would be fantastic -- can you imagine all those Kirby Kreatures brought to life?

Second is "Superman." Let's face it, "Superman Returns" was just a bad idea. Trying to tie in to the Christopher Reeve movies didn't work, and neither did the casting, for the most part. They need to simply start over again, and get away from the ideas that were so embedded here. The costume didn't need a redesign (if it ain't broke, don't fix it, people!). And if they ever reboot this franchise, can we stay away from an origin sequence? I think just about everybody knows the origin. Let's start with the players already in place, and go from there. Maybe consider taking a cue from the Bond movies, and open with Superman battling one of the lesser villains from the comics, then go to the credits, and then get into the actual film plot itself. I'm also thinking that it's best to stay away from Lex Luthor -- yes, he's Superman's arch enemy, but for crying out loud, he's been used in all but one of the Superman movies to date! Brainiac might be a good villain option, and perhaps use Toyman in the teaser, so Superman can battle some giant menacing robot toys.

One of the problems with doing a "Superman" reboot, however, is with "Smallville" still on the air (and apparently looking at a 10th season), that show is getting closer and closer to Superman all the time... so maybe we need to wait until Smallville ends before even starting to look at revving up this franchise again.

Any thoughts, faithful readers?


  1. Being a huge Spidey fan, I spent most of yesterday blogging about the potential reboot, but I'd agree with you about FF and Superman. I'd actually like to see Smallville graduate to the big screen, letting Tom Welling don the big red S for real and taking the well-cast supporting characters with him.

  2. I don't think Spidey needs a reboot. The FF do. Daredevil does. Superman does and Smallville I love but I think it will ruin any chances for a Superman Reboot in movies if it stays longer. It follows its own continuity. The fact they married Jimmy Olden and then killed him off shows that. Besides they are really doing Superman now. The guy is getting close to 40 isn't he? End the series and spin off Green Arrow into his own. Of course the way that character is being treated in the series is killing that chance too.

  3. I guess it all depends on what each director/studio has in mind when they think "reboot".

    I know you wanted to keep things comic book-related, but I can use two horror films I think illustrate the point:

    Halloween remake: Missed the mark (and point) by miles.

    Friday the 13th remake: Made it new while keeping enough old to satisfy fans.

  4. If the Reboot Spider-man.. Get Nick Hammon back ^_^ better then that new junk ¬_¬ i didn't like them at all, but then, i haven't liked what goes on in the comics for years..

    hey, How about this for a new reboot, Aunt may gets Shot, and in order to save her life, Peter has to make a deal with the Devil which leads to him changing his looks?

  5. Rol - I'd kind of like that myself with Smallville...

    Rick - I didn't really think of DD as a franchise, although I suppose the fact that they did an Elektra movie would qualify. I don't know how old Tom Welling is.

    Wings - I'm not that big a fan of the movies Halloween and Friday the 13th.

    Manic Man - You have some offbeat ideas there!


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