Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Audio Interview with Joe Johnston Re: The Captain America Movie!

Edd Gross has conducted an audio interview with John Johnston about the forthcoming Captain America movie! You can listen to it here.


  1. mmm.. if this was about any of the old ones, i might be partly intrested but, i don't know about anyone else, but the state comics have gotten thenselves into this days is pretty bad in my view.. while others did have different ones, it was pretty much a case that DC had the straight laces heros like the Batman, Superman etc, then Marvel introduced the heroes that were good guys, but a bit more 'true to life' in that they would bicker (Fantastic Four) or would fight against the good guys IF they believed they were really right (the revamp Namour). These days? I was never a fan of Millar making Daredevil in to a darker version of Batman and then, whoa, he worked on Batman and turned him into the darker version he had made daredevil into.. and now? you have Bucky as this mass murderer in Cap's Uniform, a bunch of characters get ripped apart more gorey then Tales from the Crypt, but don't worry, they will turn all of these comics into 15+ comics and for the kids? they give you a living corse that burns people to death, and of course, kids stuff like the transformers, Winnie-the-pooh bear and such like will start having people killed, personanny disorders and rape (I can't remember the show of the top of my head, but there was a kids show i saw not long ago that didn't say the word, but that was pretty much what happened).. oh well.. I'll stick to my old stuff Never been a big Cap fan.. mostly cause i'm english, not American so a Pro-america and that's it, character hasn't really been aimed at me ^_^ anyway.. just rambing i guess.. If your into this stuff and believe this are the same characters they were 20 years back, well, youre wrong.. if you are into this stuff but admit it's not the same characters they were 20 years ago, that's fine, atlest you admit it ^_^

  2. Um, Manic Man? As much as I appreciate your having such strong opinions... you do know this link was concerning the Captain America MOVIE, not the comic book, right?


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