Sunday, February 21, 2010

Cool Stuff: Bat-Stuff!

Probably the first of several posts of Batman stuff, given the sheer volume of it... and some of these may have already appeared in my Batcave Trophy Room blog!


Book cover from 1966... kind of an odd image for the back cover, isn't it? Nice use of the two limited colors they added to black, but I have to wonder why they didn't pop for yellow along with cyan and magenta? More after the jump!


Here's another 1966 vintage Batman item... this very nice Hallmark party centerpiece! I'd rather get this any day compared to some of the current party stuff featuring the Caped Crusader!


Here's some of the other '66 Batman party ware!


Still another '66 item is this keychain flashlight! Not much else to say about it, though...


Here's a boxed Batman and Robin puzzle from 1981, the year I graduated from high school.. and boy, do I end up feeling old when I see stuff like this listed as "vintage" on eBay!


I've probably showed you guys a photo of AHI's friction-powered Batcycle before on the card, but this large photo of a loose one was just too good not to share!



Yes, it's a third Batcycle, apparently smaller than the previous two... did you know Bruce had this many designs in the Batcave?

Here's a different AHI Batcycle... not sure if this was friction powered or what... it's possible this was the friction one, and the other was a gyro one...


Probably the goofiest Bat-vehicle AHI put out is this Batplane with the gargantuan Batman head in the cockpit!


Another of AHI's Batmobiles, this one was radio controlled... and yes, I do want this, very much!


Next up is this Power Record featuring Catwoman and guest-starring Wildcat! I think I found an MP3 of this somewhere, but haven't listened to it yet...


Here's one of Corgi's Batcycles, and I think you'll agree this is a pretty ridiculous looking one, given Batman's position on it!


These Corgi Batcycles were much better, although probably of much more recent vintage, given the black used on Batman's costume. Here's some other Corgi Bat-vehicles:


I love the Corgi Batmobiles!


Next up is one of the few Batman items I used to have! This set of crayons was available in the mid to late 1980s, and as you can see, they're figural crayons, sculpted extremely well! About the time these came out (available at discount stores), I was working a full-time job and also buying and selling comics and toys at Puget Sound area shows. I believe I bought three or four sets of these at a $9.99 or less store for a buck or so each, and turned them around at the next show for probably $10 each. Despite the mark-up I put on them, I find myself wishing I'd held on to just one set!


I'm not sure, but I suspect this gold Batmmobile was a Japanese toy!


Here's another Power Record that I'm sure I have an mp3 of I haven't listened to yet!


The seller of this Joker t-shirt claimed it was a vintage item, but I've had my doubts, especially since this photo showed an obviously Photoshopped image of the printed surface pasted over a generic t-shirt photo! Of course, it may be that they came across some vintage iron-on transfers, and that's what they were selling... I forget now!


Yep, you guessed it, another Power Record, another one I've got an mp3 of that I haven't listened to yet!

And with that, we'll close out this installment of Cool Stuff, with the promise of more Batman stuff next time!


  1. Okay, I'm officially jealous. What a collection! I have the Power Records "Stacked Cards" album/book, but the rest of this Bat-stuff is pure wish list nirvana.

    John Kenneth Muir

  2. Well, don't be that jealous, because the only collection of that stuff I have are the photos, John!

  3. Cool bat-crayons but I would have to buy two so I could use one and keep one still in the package. Those would be great to use with the Batman coloring books.


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