Saturday, March 20, 2010

Cool Stuff: Marvel Stuff!

Yep, should be all-Marvel for the next Cool Stuff post or two or three... let's see what I've come up with!

Man, the 1970s was the Golden Age of comic book calendars, if you ask me! All original artwork by classic artists of the era, usually themed, such as this 1976 Marvel calendar! More coolness after the jump!

How cool are these balloons? I would be all over something like this nowadays... perfect for birthday parties!

Another great thing about the 1970s for comics fans were the Marvel Origins books, such as this one focusing on the villains!

These Bullpen Booster Buttons are neat, but only a few of them are specifically Marvel enough to be recognizable as such!

I believe this Captain America poster was one of the Marvelmania products!

Speaking of Cap, here's a 1960s pin with kind of odd-looking artwork on it!

Of course, if you want to talk odd, check out this Captain America cap pistol!

This Captain America record sleeve makes Cap look like he's very uncomfortable being forced into this position, doesn't it?

Ah, I have fond memories of listening to this book and record set in my youth...

The card art for this Captain America flashlight has to have the worst card art of any Marvel toy ever!

This 1978 Cap glass, on the other hand, has great artwork!

No matter how long I live, I'll never understand why Marx insisted on using Cap or other non-flying characters for these Sky Heroes toys!

This Captain America bank was part of the Secret Wars merchandise, which explains why Doctor Doom is on it, instead of a real Captain America foe!

Sometimes I think South America had some of the best superheroes collectibles... this lunch box with Kirby art was produced in Brazil!

This 1970s Cap motorcycle toy (probably by Buddy L) is pretty sweet!

Another great 1970s trade paperback collection!

More Cap, and more Marvel, next time!


  1. Cap looks uncomfortable AND sad on that record sleeve.

    The glass is BITCHIN'! I need to collect these, I have a Flash and a Captain Marvel (the Shazam guy) glass I use all the time. The paint on these was surprisingly durable.

  2. Well, Jeff, Toon Tumblers has been producing similar glasses for a few years now, although they're kind of pricey for my budget!


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