Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Cool Stuff!

We'll be starting off with some Beatles stuff this time around...

...like this stylish Polish poster for "A Hard Day's Night"! More after the jump!

"Help!" Polish poster!

And the last of the three Beatles items is this American "Help"! poster!

Up next, this poster for "The Incredible Shrinking Man"!

That's got to be the entire lobby card set for "Journey to the Center of the Earth" above!

Well, this isn't exactly a movie item per se... one of the releases for Kenner's Easy-Show Projector, before it went motorized! Or did they have both motorized and non-motorized versions out at the same time?

And here's one more Beatles item sneaking in... lobby cards for "Let It Be"!

Next up -- because I apparently misnamed it in my files -- is the cover of Marvelmania #4!

How long has it been since I posted a Micronaut? This is Nemesis!

Nifty Mighty Mouse t-shirt!

A few miscellaneous cars of interest to geekdom here... a Spider-Car, one of the Evel Knievel die-casts, a Hulk jeep, and a Batmobile!

And that's where we'll leave it for now, but next time... it's Marvel stuff!


  1. Is that kid cranking that Easy Show projector? Well, I know I had a motorized one and by the time Scooby Doo--seen on that cover--came along--I was "too old" for such things. Think I had mine in 1967.

    What would be any conceivable benefit to a crankable one other than that you could easily stop on an image?

  2. I've probebly said this before, and being english, i'm not much of a beatles fan (I can never figure out why there were sooo big in the US...) but that Help poster is always funny..
    "Help! I'm Kidnapped!"
    yeah, makes sense..
    "Help! I'm lost on a tropic Island!"
    some people would call that fun but, i can understand why you want help..
    "Help! I'm surrounded by Women!"
    No offense but.. erm.. surrounded by women is that much of a danger?
    "Help! Keep our city Clean!"
    What Liverpool? No chance.. that place is a dump and always has been.. and come on.. throwing in a public service message like that? did they run out of trouble that might need help for?

    And i'm not sure about any form of American Semaphore Procedure, but why are they spelling out 'N-Annul Sign-U-Y'?

  3. Yes, Bookstevem that was a hand-cranked version... which was how they were originally manufactured and sold. They did the motorized version, too, but I don't really know for certain if they produced them simultaneously.

    I'd imagine if they had been able to include sound on those, it would've kept going for much longer than it did, but I can't imagine how quickly it would've burned out the batteries!

    Manic Man - The Beatles were sooo big in the US and all over the world because they were fantastic, that's why... but if you don't like them, I certainly can't change your mind. Different strokes and all.

    So far as the semaphore goes, it doesn't spell "Help" because it didn't look that nice... so they picked semaphore that looked better, despite it not being "right."


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