Sunday, March 14, 2010

Question For You Guys...

So, you know that I've started the Certifiably Geek Blog award, right? And that after the initial flurry, there stopped being new awards handed out by those who've been awarded themselves, so I started a second round of them?

Well... things have stopped happening with it again. So I'm considering adding a new "rule" to the award... namely, that if someone's awarded, but does not respond to it on their blog within one week of being named, they'll be removed from the Certifiably Geek Blogs blog...

I mean, I think that's just being fair to the awardees who try to pass it along and promote it, don't you?

I'm also thinking I should go ahead and do a third round of awards from here... anybody got any blogs they'd like to have recognized as Certified Geek, who they think would actually pass the award along?

I am aware that there are some blogs out there who would deserve to be so named, but I doubt seriously they'd ever respond to it, much less award it to two other blogs (Topless Robot comes to mind), so if you want to make some suggestions in the comments, please consider how "corporate" the geek blog you're suggestion might be, okay?

Anyway, looking for your comments on all this stuff, and thanks in advance!


  1. My blog would be proud to wear your shield of geekdom!

    It's "Inside Jeff Overturf's Head" at

  2. What about YOUR blog or blogs? Plenty on them deserving of this award!


  3. I think it only fair that if you don't respond and name two more, you don't get to stay in the club.

  4. Thanks for your responses!

    Jeff, I'll check out your blog later today!

    Wings, I created the award, I don't feel right awarding it to my own blogs!

    Bubbashelby, glad to see you agree with me!

    I'll probably be taking action later this week!

  5. Two blogs that I think deserve the honor and would reciprocate as per the rules...

    (One of my new faves and completely deserving of the honor.)



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