Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Is It This 'n That Time Again?

Why yes, it is that time again! So, what do I need to tell you guys about?

ITEM! After putting it off for a while, I finally moved the humor blogs (that aren't geek-related humor) into their own blogroll. The funny blogs are now beneath the geek blogs! Speaking of geek blogs, a new addition has appeared there, the View-Master 3D blog! Check it out!

ITEM! Been meaning to mention this one for a few days... I've received my first academic accolade! My name was placed on the Vice President's List for Winter Quarter, 2010. I earned that by achieving a quarterly GPA between 3.60 and 3.99, and completing a minimum of 12 credits. I guess I was a few credits short to get it for Fall Quarter, but... The notification arrived with a copy of the award itself, and that has been added to my permanent transcript. It's not the Dean's List, but that does require a perfect 4.0!

ITEM! Obviously, I haven't managed to do a second video blog yet... time ran out on me between quarters, and so far this quarter, I'm still trying to get a handle on my workload. Once I feel more comfortable with what I need to do each week, I should be able to get to that... or if nothing else, I need to get to work on new videos for the Give-A-Show Blog!

ITEM! I don't know how many of you guys live in the Puget Sound area of Washington State, but I wanted to remind you that Krypto and I are planning to be at Olympic Cards and Comics in Lacey, WA from 10 am to 11 am Saturday for Free Comic Book Day!

And that's it for now!


  1. ITEM! Cool!

    ITEM! Congratulations! Well done!

    ITEM! No worries!

    ITEM! Have fun. Way to far from WA to visit, but be there in spirit!

  2. If you need another geek blog to frequent, go no further than mine for old, odd and rare Disney and newspaper comics related stuff etc. :)

  3. Wings - Thanks!

    Joakim - I've checked your blog out... nice stuff, not quite what I'm into, but nice nonetheless.


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