Thursday, May 27, 2010

By the 10s: Four Color Comics, Part 1!

Ah, Four Color, by Dell... this book had to be one of the most frustrating titles to figure out in the 1970s, given that there was no large title on the cover that was consistent from issue to issue, and especially that the features varied from issue to issue! In some ways, it could be looked as a forerunner to DC's Showcase, in that some of the features spun off into their own titles eventually. There'll be all sorts of features presented on these covers, including some you may have never heard of before! It was the longest-running comic series of all time, so this will likely be the feature in By the 10s well into July!

Here's issue 10, featuring Flash Gordon... well, that's what the logo says, anyway! This cover is certainly atypical for Flash Gordon! More after the jump!

Here's issue 20's cover, featuring Barney Baxer, which I believe originated as a newspaper strip!

Issue 30's cover features the first of the Disney features you'll see here... kind of rare in that it's a sequel to Bambi!

Issue 40, featuring Barney Google and Snuffy Smith!

Issue 50! I believe "Fairy Tale Parade" was a recurring feature here, all original stuff.

Issue 60, featuring "Tiny Folks Funnies"!

Popeye and Wimpy are issue 70s feature!

Issue 80, featuring Smilin' Jack!

Issue 90's "Christmas With Mother Goose" is a good example of the annual Christmas issues Dell would produce!

As you can see by issue 100's cover (featuring Gene Autry Comics), the "Four Color Comics" blurb has disappeared! I'd imagine that some people picking up a copy of this issue would wonder how they could get the previous 99 issues of Gene Autry Comics! Gene eventually would get his own title.

More next time!

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  1. I don't know why but I could never get into the Gene Autry comics. They always seemed just too forced.


    Steven G. Willis


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