Saturday, May 01, 2010

Cool Stuff: Bat-Stuff!

Yes, more Batman goodies for you this time around! I probably should mention you can find cool Bat-collectibles like these every day at "The Batcave Trophy Room," part of the Random Blogs of Geekery Family!

First up is this ceramic figurine... it may have been a music box, or a night light, or just a statue. More after the jump!

Here's a Batman "collectible coin" and a teeny-tiny Batmobile!

For all your Bat-communication needs, here's Mego's Batman Walkie Talkies and the Command Console!

Corgi Batcopter!

Corgi Batcycle! I've always wondered if the Batman figure was posed like this for packaging purposes.

Here's a very nicely done pair of Corgi Batcycles!

Corgi Batmobile and Batcopter!

Corgi Jr. Batcopter!

Corgi Batman Gift Pack!

Corgi Penguinmobile!

Coolest Batman crayons ever! Way back in the 1980s, when I was going to comic book and toy shows as a dealer and collector, I found these at a discount store and bought about four or five sets of them, which I sold at a handsome profit! I do wish I'd kept one set, however...

Batman Credit Card from 1966! Say what????

A very nifty Batman drinking cup!

Hey, what's this doing here? It's the Batman Daily Strip artwork for July 7, 1945, credited to Bob Kane!


Next time around, we'll start with some 1967 Batman movie posters!
Batman Frame Tray Puzzles!


  1. I keep hoping that I will stumble upon a Corgi Batcycle one of these days in a thrift store. I have never seen one in the retail stores when they originally came out.

  2. Jon,
    Re: "It's the Batman Daily Strip artwork for July 7, 1945, credited to Bob Kane!"

    Hardin "Jack" Burnley (b. 1911)
    "...took over the Batman Sundays in January 1944, for a time pencilling both of the most widely viewed DC comics products of the day. He continued to pencil most of the Batman Sundays until the feature was cancelled in 1946." and "In May, 1945 Burnley did a story for the daily Batman strip written by editor Jack Schiff. The adventure was utterly unique in that Batman does not appear in the story at all. It's a "Bruce Wayne, Detective" story from beginning to end."
    IIRC, the story arc is named "The Mystery of Karen Drew".
    Hope this helps!


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