Sunday, May 16, 2010

Cool Stuff: DC Stuff and More!!

We'll start out this time around with some stickers!

Wow, that Aquaman sticker with "Keep Strokin'" -- talk about a product of its time! More after the jump!

Too bad they don't make sticker sets like these anymore... yeah, I know, I say that every time!

DC Superheroes Greeting Cards! I'll have more of these coming up in a matter of months... well, maybe in a year... hard to tell when I'll get to certain photos sometimes!

Superman and Batman intercoms!

Here's some Wonder Woman cards from the same line as the cards above!

Wonder Woman Colorforms!

And now we're out of the DC stuff (pretty fast, wasn't it?), and into some Easy-Show Projectors... none of which I've managed to win on eBay... yet!
The one above was produced in South America by "Lili Ledy," who picked up rights from a number of different toy companies in the USA!

Evel Knievel Adventure Set by Colorforms! Been a while since we had any Evel Knievel stuff, eh?

Here's some very vintage Flash Gordon costume stuff!

Here's a lunchbox based on the Filmation animated Flash Gordon!

Flash Gordon Board Game! Probably from the 1960s.

Here's the box for Mego's Flash Gordon Playset!

These Flash Gordon figures, on the other hand, were Mattel items based on that Filmation series!

Get Smart! Spy Camera Set! Man, you'd never see anything like this on a toy department shelf these days, eh?

Man, it's been a while since I had any GI Joe stuff to show you, hasn't it? Here's the Colorforms set!

Now, some Give-A-Show items!

Got it...

giveashow_61slides.jpggiveashow_no802dd.jpg those in the big sets...

giveashow_62adventuretime.jpg it... heck, this might be the one I have!

Don't have it! This was apparently the Australia edition!

Don't have it! This was a UK-only version done by Chad Valley!

Don't have it! This was based on the live-action TV series, and is also a UK item.

Next time: Greatest American Hero and more!


  1. Honestly, could you combine any more awesome in one post???

  2. The GI Joe Adventure Team Colorforms bring back fond memories. I had to beg my grandma to get it for me but I had a lot of fun with it. Wish I would have found the Wonder Woman version. A GI Joe/Wonder Woman cross over would have been cool.

  3. I'm wondering if that first Chad valley set wasn't UK as well.. I'm not sure how well UK stuff like 'Pinky and Perky' and Noddy did outside of the UK (though i know alot of UK shows were hits in Australia and that lead to alot of Australian spin-offs ('Father, Dear Feather Down Under', 'Grace and Favour' etc).. also, since Chad Valley did the UK release, i'm wondering if that hints a bit.. though it's possible they released it in australia too... hard to tell.. maybe a better look at the 'shows' list might help but i doubt it..

  4. Wings -- If I can combine any more awesome in one post, I'll do it!

    Jamdin -- Good times, sounds like!

    Manic Man -- All the Chad Valley stuff was UK and Australia... they had the license from Kenner for Give-A-Show and Easy-Show.


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