Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Change is Afoot!

Don't worry, it's not a huge change... just wanted to give my faithful readers a bit of a head's up! Blogger has decided to be nicey-nicey with, and make things a bit easier for those of us in the Amazon Associates program (which I am). So, starting next month (they started it at least in March, but I'd already done all the posts through June, and didn't want to go back over all of them), selected posts will have a few links at the end of them -- they won't always be every post on a particular day, or even every day! Right now, I can tell you that there will be links for related product on the Random Videos of Geekery and Original Comic Art posts... but there won't be any for Give-A-Show Fridays, I'm pretty sure!

Children's Book Theatre may have one here and there, especially if Amazon's listing original copies of those books (probably not going to be the case with coloring books, I'm guessing). Cool Stuff posts may or may not have them, depending on what I'm posting photos of and if there's something related to that being offered... and the same goes for Monster Mondays. The Dog of the Geek posts? Well, they may or may not have them. I'll try to show some restraint!

In the meantime... as you start reading this blog next month, please let me know if you find the ads at the end of the posts to be annoying or not... I'm hoping they won't be obtrusive, and that maybe you guys might find out about something you may not have known about before (and if you find something too cool to miss, I hope you'll buy it through my link so I can earn a little extra cash)!

Thanks in advance!


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