Thursday, June 03, 2010

Cool Stuff: Marvel Stuff!

One of the problems with doing so many blogs as I do is that sometimes, there are pictures that will show up in a spin-off blog before they do in Random Acts of Geekery's Cool Stuff posts... and sometimes I'll have pre-posted photos in a spin-off blog before using them here, but the pre-posted stuff actually appears later!

Which is just a long-winded way of saying, I don't recall if I've shown the Marvel Sparkle Paints kits here before... Lots more of them after the jump!


If you think I've posted photos of just about all the goofy rack toys produced with Marvel Heroes on them, check out this page from a Larami Toys catalog -- I have yet to find many of these offered on eBay!

Here's some cool decals that were part of the Marvelmania line of stuff!

Check out this sheet of Marvelmania stickers! Man, I would love to have this!

This poster was apparently intended to be put on display in stores carrying Marvel comics in the early 1970s, but I don't recall ever seeing it until I came across this auction!

I used to have Amsco's Marvel World playset -- it was the absolute best Marvel playset out there in the 1970s! Figures of all sorts of Marvel characters, buildings galore, plus a sort of Avengers Quinjet!

This has to be pretty nearly all (if not all) of the Mead Marvel Portfolios produced in one year as part of their Marvel School Supplies!

Medusa 3rd Eye Black Light poster from 1971!

More Marvel goodies coming your way on Sunday!


  1. I remember borrowing some Marvel sparkle paint from a friend to paint my Falcon and and Hulk yo-yos. I just always wished that is was also glow-in-the-dark.


    Steven G. Willis

  2. If they had that sparkle paint around when I was a kid, my parents DEFINATELY kept me unaware of it...for the sake of the kitchen and dining room tables...not to mention the carpet and the walls as well.


    Though...I DO remember wanting Marvel World VERY badly. Ahh...memories. HEHEHEH!

  3. Marvel World was very awesome, and I wish I still had it!

  4. I don't know if I mentioned this here or elsewhere, but I had these Marvel Portfolios you show here. There's an interesting difference between the Spider-Man Portfolio and the actual cover it's taken from. The portfolio cover says the issue features the "Origin of the Punisher", whereas the actual comic (which you can see at ) shows it as the "Return of the Punisher".

    Considering the word right before that is "ominous" (and Marvel loved their alliteration), that makes me think that it originally said "Origin". I wonder why they changed it?

  5. Tony, I think you did mention it before, but it always bears repeating!


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