Sunday, June 27, 2010

Godzilla: Final Wars Trailer!

In my opinion, this trailer is for the absolute BEST Godzilla movie of the series that started with Godzilla 1985! Could well be the best of all of 'em, but I'd have to watch every one over again to be sure...


  1. with all due respect, i hope you're kidding- it WAS entertaining, but best? better go ahead and watch 'em all over again...

  2. of course.. it's not part of the same series that started with 1985.. It's part of the third 'millium' series. the one that includes the film renamed 'Godzillia 1985', ended with Godzilla vs Destoryer (or whatever form of translation you wish to use calls it), which had that godzilla fight a creature created by the Oxygen Destoryer in the oringal film.. Final wars (now kinda renamed 'We didn't mean Final as forever, cause we have been given alot of money, so we just mean Final as in of this series) was in the Millium series, each of which was pretty much stand alone (though a couple did follow each other). they removed everything but the oringal film..

    I'll leave out my comments on this film cause.. like most of the millenniumGodzillaDestroyerGodzillaDestroyeroriginalMillenniumoriginalmillennium series, they pumped too much American style into it.

  3. Well, I'll stand by my opinion about how epic Final Wars was... it was the most fun I've had watching a monster movie in way too long!


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