Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dog of the Geek: Spike and Tyke!

spike and tykeBreed: Bulldog
Original Appearances: Tom and Jerry cartoons, beginning with “Love That Pup” (1949), as well as two cartoons featuring just the two dogs, “Give and Tyke” and “Scat Cat” (both 1957)
Other Appearances: Just about any medium that Tom and Jerry appeared in, Spike and Tyke would usually be present!
Biography: Devoted father Spike was always very protective of his son, Tyke! Spike does not like cats, but usually has a soft spot for mice. He's also very possessive of his bones. Spike didn't always appear with his son in the Tom and Jerry cartoons, and was sometimes featured as the antagonist.
Powers: Standard cartoon character ability to recover from physical harm.
Group Affiliation: None
Miscellaneous: Spike was also called “Killer” and “Butch” in some early appearances. When Tyke was introduced as Spike's son in the Tom and Jerry cartons, Daws Butler took over the voicing duties, making the voice very similar to Jimmy Durante. Later, when Hanna-Barbera formed their own studio for producing cartoons for television, Spike and Tyke were very much an influence on Auggie Doggie and Doggie Daddy! MGM had another character named Spike who appeared in the Droopy cartoons, who was not to be mistaken for this Spike, even if they were more or less combined into one character in the 1980s “Tom and Jerry Comedy Show”!


  1. annoying, later versions of Spike and Tyke, which featured mostly in Dell comics, but also in a few comic forms (atlest) that i don't think were Dell (i know some of the 80s/90 uk comics were reprinting art from oringal sources completely and used the same mistakes) hard them being brown.

  2. Thanks for the additional info, MM!


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