Thursday, September 30, 2010

Retro-Review: Amazing Adventures #1 (1950), Part 5!

amazing adventures 01 - stone1
Next, it's “The Stone Men” (artist unknown)! The tale begins in New York, when Stan Carlson, explorer for the International Scientific Institute, tells his fiancee, Judy Thomas, that the Institute is sending him to Mexico to look for a meteorite that crashed there. Judy insists on accompanying him, and so they wind up in the dense back country of Yucatan. They come across a huge stone figure lying on its back, and make camp near it. The next morning, Stan and Judy are the only members of the expedition still alive! Judy notices that the statue has moved since the previous day, but Stan doesn't believe her. (You'll be sorry, Stan!)

That night, Stan sleeps outside Judy's tent, but Judy slips off into the jungle alone, where she encounters the statute, walking around! Her scream awakens Stan, who takes off after her, seeing the stone statue carrying her off! Just then, a meteor strikes the ground ahead of where the statue is heading!
amazing adventures 01 - stone2
When Stan gets to the site, he discovers that what he thought was a meteorite is actually a space craft, and the aliens piloting the spacecraft apparently turn to stone the longer they're in our atmosphere. Stan decides that water must be what does the trick, and uses dynamite to divert a stream to the spacecraft, which of course changes the aliens to stone immediately. Stan explains to Judy that his reasoning was that the moist tropic air was what was slowly turning them to stone.
amazing adventures 01 - stone3
The comic wraps itself up with a one-page “Cosmic Comics,” with jokes based on the characters being robots (such as a smoking robot man blowing smoke nuts (as in nuts and bolts), and a female robot dropping her handkerchief in front of a suit of armor.
Finally, there is the one-page “Amazing Prophecies,” by Ogden Whitney. The page suggests that the nation that owns the moon will depend on which one wins the interplanetary race (whatever that's supposed to mean); that super-knowledge may be imparted to youngsters by mechanical means; explosions of super-atomic bombs may upset the polar ice-cap resulting in the seas overflowing (not quite global warming, but close, eh?); and that as a result of atomic warfare, the civilization of tomorrow may exist underground!

Next time: A horror comic, just in time for October's "Countdown to Halloween"!

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