Friday, October 22, 2010

By the 10s: Terry-Toons!

Well, here's a title that I could've sworn I'd already posted before... probably because this series ended up becoming Mighty Mouse, and I'd already posted Mighty Mouse here! Anyway, good luck trying to identify some of the characters on the earliest covers!

Issue 10! More after the jump!

Issue 20!

Issue 30! No, I have no idea how that steering wheel is supposed to work...

With issue 40, we finally have a familiar face showing up, even if he has to have his name emblazoned on his chest! Maybe Mighty Mouse's spare costume was purchased from Ben Cooper?

Issue 50, and Heckle and Jeckle make a cover appearance of sorts, too!

Issue 60, and Mighty Mouse has completely taken over the cover!

Issue 70, and the title is now "Paul Terry's Mighty Mouse!" But that's not the only change this title had...

No scan for issue 80 to be found, but here's issue 90, and the title's suddenly become "Paul Terry's Comics"!

Issue 100!

Issue 110!

Issue 120! I believe those bears were known simply as "The Terry Bears."

Next time: The title completely changes to Mighty Mouse!


  1. Ah.. heres the rub.. The first two are Gandy Goose and Sourpuss who were two different Terry Toon characters that were then teamed up for a number of Cartoons and comics.. but here is now a problem.. yes, it's them in covers 10 and 20.. It looks like Sourpuss and Gandy in 30, but Sourpuss has a completely different colour scheme.. same with issue 40 and 50, For issue 90... well, it says Gandy Goose at the bottom is now white with a yellow face.. so the cat on the cover should be Sourpuss, but just look at the major design change.. for issue 100, Gandy now has a gray head, with yellow face..

    why such major design changes? well.. it was about.. 24-26 cartoons (i believe) the two worked together on but i didn't think they changed THAT much in them.. but for some reason, they did for this comic..

  2. It often seems to be the case where the characters start sliding off-model when a licensed book runs for a while... I recall that through the Dell/Gold Key/Western runs, the Looney Tunes characters started looking a bit different from their animated counterparts.


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