Sunday, October 31, 2010

CBT: The Story of Superman, Part 1 - How Superman Came to Earth

So, interesting story (I think, anyway) about this particular book set. A while back, I was preparing future posts for The Fortress of Solitude Trophy Room (my Superman memorabilia blog), when I came across a photo of the boxed book set you see above. Now, I had completely forgotten I had that photo, so I went straight to eBay and did a quick search, figuring I'd need to save a search on it, and wait and wait.

Didn't have to do that this time! I found a copy of this offered for sale at a pretty reasonable price, put in my bid, and a few days later, was the winner! I've read the books in this boxed set to my kids for story time a few times by now! Now, I know, I've already posted the Fisher-Price Superman book here not too long ago, which covered much the same ground... but that one didn't have artwork by Ramona Fradon, for starters!

After the jump, the first book in this set, How Superman Came to Earth!

This design was on the insides of the front and back covers... don't worry, I didn't scan it for all the books in the set, just this one time!

Next time: The Adventures of Superbaby!


  1. while the origin of Superman has been basiclly the same, with small tweaks (love the oringal one that was only briefy said in the first cartoon and pre-comic letters, where he was from the future though ^_^) that rocket bit is mostly odd.. If, like that text says, he worked on it for months knowing the end was soon.. why make it only big enought for the kid? Of course, there are versions where it was a test version... so he decided to use his kid as a test subject? ... very few times have i seen Jor-el come off as a good parent..

  2. Manic Man,
    I don't think there was ever a version where Jor El intended to use his son as a test. He was going to launch the rocket with a test payload (in one version I think it was a monkey), then build full-scale rockets for people. He ran out of time and provised as well as he could.

    Your comment about Jor El's skills as a parent must have been shared by the creators of the Smallville TV series. I don't think I've ever seen him depicted as so cold-blooded.


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