Saturday, October 16, 2010

CBT: Super Friends Coloring Book, Part 1!

At long last, the wait is over!
Yes, it's finally time for me to post the Super Friends coloring book! I think we'll be looking at about 20 pages per installment, so we should get through this one this month!

Wow, look at that title page... Superman, Batman and... Marvin? I've heard that Aquaman gets no respect, but come on, Wonder Woman and Robin were dissed in favor of Marvin? OK, Wendy and Wonder Dog got dissed here, too...

So, here we begin our story, with the Super Friends promoting healthy habits, right? Of course, poor Aquaman's absent from the nature walk!
Holy health food! The Boy Wonder, turning down health food? No matter how bad it might taste, I'd have thought he'd be used to eating healthy by this time!
OK, I suppose if the health food is simply named "Health Food," then perhaps it might be completely repulsive... Nice of Wendy and Marvin to basically litter there in the woods, eh?
Wow, doesn't that Batman pose look familiar to you guys? I wonder how many people recognized it as basically a pose from "The Laughing Fish"?
I don't recall too many flying scenes in Super Friends where Superman's got one leg forward like that... kind of looks odd, you know?
I guess the Super Friends bring a doghouse for Wonder Dog everywhere they go?
Sorry that my copy already had the dot-to-dot already done... and colored completely wrong for the Invisible Jet!
Ah, now we know the reason why the Super Friends are out in the woods... for Superman's birthday party! I wonder which of the Super Friends thought Superman would like a dune buggy?
And there's Aquaman finally! 15 pages before he makes his first appearance! And he's giving Superman... a big fish. Sheesh, Arthur, put a lot of thought into that gift? Well, I suppose it's better than a dune buggy.
Oh, and Batman gives Superman a... super bat? For sending messages? Does that bat look that super to you? What's wrong with their usual JLA communicators? I kind of get the feeling that both Bruce and Arthur were sitting around their respective lairs thinking, "What am I going to give Superman for his birthday?" and then just looking around until they found something moving around near them!

Now, of course, I'm wondering if it was Wonder Woman or the junior Super Friends who were the gifters of the Dune Buggy... and the way this has been going, I'm going to guess that Wonder Woman's gift was the cake, so that leaves Wendy, Marvin and Wonder Dog giving Superman the dune buggy... which, on the face of it, is a pretty generous gift to the junior ones! Anyway...
On that musical note, we'll take our leave of the Super Friends, who haven't even gotten into the plot of this coloring book yet, until next time around!


  1. like the expression on Superman's face when he gets that Dune Buggy.. lets see if i can do a nice little syno of what is going on so far.. Everyone decides to do some exercise and go for a walk in the park. This is a Front, cause they are really leading Superman to a Birthday Party that Aquaman is setting up!

    As they walk, Wonder Dog tried to get Robin to eat from Health Food, but Robin turns it down, so the kids decide to hid it in the woods.. but make sure it's a secret.. for some reason we might find out later (but don't hold your breath). As they are all enjoying themselves, the Wonder dog gets tired and goes to sleep in his special dog house that folds away and hids under his cape. As they get ready to start the party, Wonder Woman realises she is late and hops into her plane to get there on time. She is in luck and they all give Superman gifts. The Kids then sign a song, with Wonder Dog joins in with..

    Makes about as much sense as most of them so far ^_^

  2. This brings back memories for I had this coloring book. I never finished coloring all the pages. I used to trace the full figures and color them different colors.

  3. Wings: Glad you liked it!

    MM: As you saw, all that was just a lead-up to the real weird story!

    Jamdin: Glad to be of service!


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