Saturday, October 23, 2010

CBT: Super Friends Coloring Book, Part 3!

OK, in case you've forgotten the story thus far... while holding a birthday party for Superman in the woods near Magic Mirror Lake, the Super Friends discover the lake has been invaded by incredibly strong, aggressive seaweed!
This is one big lake, my friends! Oh, that green there? An example of why one should not use felt tip pens to color in a coloring book!

What's this? A race of undersea people living at the bottom of a lake, cultivating seaweed?
And they even use surface farm implements!
Well, that's just great... here you have one member who's mostly only any good to you (it seems) for underwater stuff, and here he goes getting captured when he's in his own element! Now remember, Aquaman's muscles are strong enough to allow him to survive the crushing pressures of the deepest part of the ocean... and also remember that Marvin -- you know, junior Super Friend Marvin -- was able to use his earthly strength to free the deer... but Aquaman, underwater, is trapped by the same stuff!
I have no idea why these people are walking on the floor of the lake instead of swimming...
And now we've learned that this lake also spawns some gigantic shellfish!
Robin's worried about Aquaman... Wonder Woman's probably just happy Superman's not having to save her for a change in this story!
Gee, if only they had some kind of electronic communications device, like a JLA signaller... or maybe if they had a member who, oh, I don't know, had super-vision powers that could spot Aquaman anywhere presuming that Arthur's not surrounded by lead!
Oho! So, one of Aquaman's main abilities here -- that of communicating with fish -- has somehow been usurped by Wonder Woman, who could understand what this fish was telling her! We couldn't get a scene with Aquaman telepathically telling the fish to get help, so I guess we just have to assume the fish took the initiative.
"Oh, great, now Superman's going to have to save me a third time?"
Brilliant work, Wonder Dog... we'll get back to you on that membership to the Space Canine Patrol Agency, okay?
These seaweedy people must be amphibious, eh?
How is Batman calling for help? Semaphore?
Why is Batman at the front of this group, and Wonder Woman in the back???

Well, believe me, this gets worse and worse... but we'll stop here for now!


  1. I must say, this is turning out to be the most funnest thing since.. well.. only last night when i listened to one Morecombe and Wise CD but it would be a hard thing to beat them ^_^

  2. Well, I can't say much, as my only exposure to Morecombe and Wise would be the footage that made it into The Beatles Anthology!

    It's definitely a wacky coloring book, that's for sure!


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