Saturday, October 30, 2010

Comic Book Advertisements!

First ad we're looking at today is from the March, 1969 cover-dated Marvel Comics... and man, is that a bunch of cool stuff or what? Okay, maybe not the Captain Marvel shirt with the green-and-white outfit. But the rest is extremely cool! These were all pretty much part of the Merry Marvel Marching Society stuff!

The MMMS was started in 1964, and later absorbed into Marvelmania in 1969. You can read a bunch more about the MMMS here! And check out more comics ads after the jump!

And now, we're moving on to ads from the October, 1971 cover-dated DC books, starting with this full-page ad advertising Kenner's line of SSP Racers! I loved these when I was a kid, and we had quite a few of them, as I recall. It was basically a gyroscope mounted in the middle of a plastic car, which you'd get up to speed by inserting what they called a t-strip next to the wheel along the gear, and then pull it out as fast as you could. There were quite a few variations, including a smash-up derby set! The line seemed to only exist during the 1970s.

Kenner Products was founded in 1947 in Cincinnati, Ohio, named after the street where the original corporate offices were located. The highlights of their toy lines were the Girder and Panel Building Sets in 1957, the Give-A-Show Projector in 1960 (although Wikipedia claims it was in 1959, I've never found a 1959 dated set. The error seems to have been perpetuated by a site called, which hasn't been updated in years and years), the Easy-Bake Oven in 1963, Spirograph in 1966, the Star Wars line in 1977, and Starting Lineup in 1988. Oh, and they also produced the Super Powers action figure line, as well as Six Million Dollar Man and Bionic Woman action figure lines, and lots of others as well. General Mills bought Kenner in 1967, then they spun off Kenner with Parker Brothers to form Kenner Parker Toys Inc, but two years later, Tonka acquired Kenner, with Tonka being purchased by Hasbro in 1991!

Next up, it's an ad from DC's October 1971 cover-dated books, and as you can see, it's for The Brave and the Bold teaming Batman with the Phantom Stranger... that's issue 98, in case you're curious. Looks like a cover that would be very easy for the Brave and the Bold: The Lost Issues to use as the basis of a new team-up cover!

One thing I haven't been mentioning is the wonderful lettering job done on all the DC house ads I've been posting... Dial B for Blog did a whole series of issues about these, and they're very interesting and entertaining!


Here's another house ad from the same month's comics, issue 142 of Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen!

We'll wrap up this installment with this full-page ad for the Monster Fan Club, and I would absolutely bet that the moon monster mentioned here is another poster, like the Frankenstein and Skeleton ones mentioned some time back!

Comic Book Heaven had a full post about this ad and what you got... you can find out all the disappointing details by clicking here! There's also more photos of stuff from the kit here!

And that will do it for this time around! More ads will be coming your way in November!


  1. My friend Terry ordered that Moon Monster. Was kinda cool but, yeah, it was just a poster. Black and white as I recall even! Big enough to put on his closet door, though!

  2. okay.. i know that Moon monster poster is 6 foot tall but.. How did they find out the really size of Moon Monsters in order to make a life size Moon Monster poster? ^_^

    If i remember my Wells, the Moon Men weren't 6 foot tall..

  3. That definitely confirms what I've heard and read elsewhere, Booksteve!

    Manic Man - I suppose if one is making up one's own Moon Monster, whatever size you want to be life-sized is life-sized.


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